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''Mason High School is a school based on a foundation of strong culture, inclusive excellence, and personalized learning opportunities for our students. As a community and school, we strive each day to grow greatness together.''

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  • AP Physics traps students, administrators in escape rooms
    on December 14, 2018

    Ria Parikh | Staff Writer From enclosing students in Outer Space to trapping administrators in a classroom, AP Physics students are creating their very own escape rooms. Through the month of December, AP Physics Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism classes are creating escape rooms for the first time. Mechanics classes were tasked with creating rooms for fifth and sixth grade […]

  • Male students fret over lack of urinal dividers in bathroom
    on December 14, 2018

    Henri Robbins | Staff Writer Embarrassed, humiliated, invaded. These are the words that young men in the school use to describe using the restroom, and they want change. Mason High School’s male student body has recently been rallying around an issue that went unmentioned until this year: the urinals in the men’s restrooms do not have dividers between them. In […]

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